Naomi Campbell Double Feature: B*tches Unite!

Naomi Campbell of the soon-to-be-infamous trust game swoon has paired up with Victoria Beckham's dVb line for a special "Naomi by dVb" collection. Naomi, even with all her shortcomings, is truly one hell of a muse, and Victoria gushed about the partnership, saying "The 'Naomi by dVb' [line] takes these elements into a denim cut which makes the leg look incredibly long. Who better to name this style after than Naomi Campbell?"

Naomi then backed Victoria up with the obligatory "I'm getting paid for this, so obviously I like it" speech, saying "I love the fit, model and cut of the Naomi jeans Victoria Beckham has designed. I have already worn them many times and people always stop me and ask the make of my jeans. Victoria did a great job capturing a stylish Seventies rock jean look."

I want to know what she really thinks about it (does Naomi Campbell even wear a lot of denim?), and I'm also wondering what their business meetings are like. Do they just sit around and glare at each other? I'm almost rooting for disaster to strike just so I can hear about the fight. T'would be brutal.