Beyonce’s New Song ‘God Made You Beautiful’ Leaks

There was once a time when Beyonce used to sing. It’s a shock, but before baby Blue Ivy, and way before any Kardashian friendship, Beyonce was once famous for actually expressing her given talent.

The Dream Girls actress’ last album was “4” which released in 2011. While her fifth studio album was said to be released in July of 2013, reps debunked those rumors without saying when fans could anticipate a release. That said, there was still persistent rumors that Beyonce was recording her fifth studio album while she was touring. Now we have evidence that there might be an album somewhere in existence as her new song “God Made You Beautiful” leaked in full.

Although this leak wasn’t stamped with Beyonce’s approval, “God Made You Beautiful” sounds incredibly polished to us. Even though it may not be the version that Beyonce intended for her fans to hear, it’s out there now, and fans want more.

This isn’t the first time we’re hearing “God Made You Beautiful.” A clip of the song was heard in Beyonce’s documentary Life is But a Dream. For many fans this song sounds reminiscent to her “Halo” era, but it’s obvious that the context of the song, a tribute to her daughter Blue Ivy, is setting the scene for a more mature Beyonce. This Beyonce, even if it’s almost two years later, is singing about motherhood.

The leak of Beyonce’s song is sure to stir up rumors yet again about her pending album. Since the denial by her rep, it was said that her album was scrapped, but then we heard that Sia wrote a song for the upcoming album, and that artists such as Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, and The-Dream were contributing as well.

While we still don’t have a release date for Bey’s new album, we do have a few tracks to go on including, “Bow Down” “Standing on the Sun,” “Epic,” and “Rise Up.”

Check out “God Made You Beautiful” for a hint of what Beyonce’s album may or may not sound like: