Chris Mann Talks Christina Aguilera, PBS Christmas Special

Chris Mann is preparing to unleash a PBS Christmas special on his legion of dedicated fans in time for the holiday season. He also took a moment to discuss his relationship with Christina Aguilera now that his stint on The Voice is over.

The contestant performed a show at The Borgata in Atlantic City on Friday (November 22). Before he took the stage, he took a moment to discuss a few things with the folks at According to Mann, he keeps in touch with Aguilera on a semi-regular basis.

Although Chris Mann attempted to get his music career up and running once before, it was The Voice that helped him achieve a substantial level of success. Mann said performing on the singing competition was like attending The Grammy's ever week. He credits a lot of this to Christina Aguilera.

"Working with Christina, we got to sing a couple of times together, and she was nice enough to do a duet on my album 'Roads' after the show. I was in her new music video that just came out a couple of months ago as well, so we definitely stay in touch and are supportive of each other which is something I am very lucky for," the singer explained.

Mann also told that it was his ultimate goal to get Christina Aguilera to pick him on The Voice. The singer also achieved his goal of singing "The Prayer" with Aguilera on the show.

He continued:

"I didn't expect to have gotten as far as I did, but I was lucky that America resonated with what I was doing. Since then, I'm getting towards the end of my national tour and it's been an incredible year getting to meet the fans and make new fans, and put on a full show instead of just doing one or two songs. You get a full night of music all over the country in amazing venues. I just can't wait for the next step."

Mann is also getting ready for a Christmas special on PBS. The Voice alum told the Digital Journal that Mindi Abair and Martina McBride will help out with the event.

"It's for the Christmas season, which I am really excited about. It will include my favorite Christmas songs, as well as a few songs that are not traditional Christmas songs but they are about family and being home. It is coming out soon. It's really a beautiful project that is accompanied by a live CD and DVD that are available right now," he said.

Are you surprised that Chris Mann stays in touch with Christina Aguilera?