[Video] YouTube sends naughty users to “Copyright School”

Well, this is kinda whack.

YouTube is now forcing alleged copyright infringers to watch a PSA starring the Happy Tree Friends in which the blue otter pirate is beaten over the head with a gavel several times as punishment for infringing on a copyright. Even watching Russell throughout the video, unable to do anything right and repeatedly running up against the cyberpolice for his sharing activities, is pretty nerve-wracking. It kind of makes you feel like you’re infringing a copyright right now somewhere and you’d better stop lest you get a wooden hammer beatdown, too.

If you get in YouTrouble, you’ll be forced to watch the old-style PSA to be schooled on Fair Use and your errant, copyright-peeing-on ways. Then you get to do a test, and if you pass the test, your video posting privileges are restored. The clip also touches on counter-notices of infringement, in case you’ve been wrongly singled out for a gavel-whacking.

Clip below- what are your thoughts on YouTube’s efforts to have users police themselves?