Justin Bieber Unlocked In ‘The Key’ Fragrance Short Film

Justin Bieber is so over critics as we know, but in the new The Key fragrance commercial, the teen superstar is all aflutter over three different women who unlock him as their fantasy.

Pace yourself Biebs.

Hot on the heels of its X Factor spot, the full commercial for The Key has hit YouTube.

The unanswered mysteries of the July advert (the giraffe, the knowing bell-boy, the macarons) are unraveled in the new short film, and the result is a stylish romp through every Beliebers wet dream and Bieber’s REM.

Up until now, promotion surrounding young Canada’s third fragrance has offered glimpses of a girl sleeping, macarons, and Bieber marching purposefully through a swanky hotel — key in hand.

Now it all comes together.

The first thing that you may notice about The Key short film is the new soundtrack. “Heartbreaker” has gone, and has been replaced by a piano version of “All That Matters,” the second single from the teen star’s Music Mondays series which will shortly be dropping a video of its own.

Directed by Peter Glanz, who has previously helmed commercials for Yves St. Laurent and Tommy Hilfiger, a moody opening of birds, an outside elevator, and Girl No.1 spraying the eau de parfum before she sleeps clutching a key, segues into Bieber pulling up in vintage car in front of a hotel.

More striding, a key turning, and Girl No. 1 wakes up to a smiling pop phenom.

Justin Bieber In The Key Commercial
Justin Bieber In The Key Commercial

The loved-up pair run slow motion through the hotel, passing through an inexplicable corridor of stuffed animals before arriving at a sun-lit hotel rooftop, where our hero twirls his lucky girl into…

Justin Bieber In The Key Short Film
Justin Bieber Is Shirtless In The Key Fragrance Short Film

Girl No. 2.

Another The Key product placement shot, a glimpse of a girl applying mascara and a bellboy with a familiar haircut and bling way beyond his payroll bearing a wedding cake.

Whoever could it be?

The ad cuts to an opulent room and Justin serenading his second leading lady at the piano.

A slow, slow, chaste kiss follows and leads to…

Justin Bieber In The Key Perfume Short Film

Girl No. 3. Bieber picks up a key at the hotel desk, drops a wink, more striding. A backward glance and a shot of a third girl in a hotel room, with a fairly serious binge problem that only multiple piles of macarons, cakes, and chocolate fountains appear to be able to remedy.

Justin Bieber Debuts The Key Short Film

It’s perhaps not surprising this girl is the last one in the ad. She’s much more fun than the others.

She lets Justin feed her chocolate-covered fruit, actually appreciates his juggling skills, and even lets him smear confection on her face. Girl No.2 would never have stood for that.

Justin Bieber In The Key Short Film

And we’re back in the room.

Bieber’s room it happens. Waking up in shock from his triple date, the two-chained, shirtless pop prince has a total recall moment as his dream-self’s love life plays right before his eyes.

Justin Bieber In The Key Commercial

As realization dawns that he is the one dreaming and can do this every night, our heartthrob holds up the key that unlocks all rooms — and smiles.

Justin Bieber’s The Key eau de parfum is available at Macy’s and Target.

Justin Bieber Stars In The Key Fragrance Short Film

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