‘Breaking Bad’ Final Scene: Watch The Rehearsal [Video]

The stars of Breaking Bad were filmed reading rehearsing the final scene of the season finale for the very first time. See embed above.

The final episode of the five-season series, “Felina,” did huge viewership numbers on the AMC network when it aired on September 29.

For those who have tuned in late or not at all to Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston — the actor you might remember as the crazy dentist from Seinfeld or Hal from Malcolm in the Middle — portrays the lead role as a mercurial, cancer-stricken high school chemistry teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico, named Walter White who starts “cooking” meth to create a nest egg for his family after he’s gone. His partner in this escapade is former student Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). The generally unpredictable Breaking Bad was part of AMC’s powerhouse Sunday night franchise which also includes The Walking Dead and Mad Men (the latter series is also coming to an end.)

Cranston, who is blessed with fantastic speaking voice, narrates most of the script on the above behind-the-scenes video, as both he and Paul appear to have a very emotional reaction to seeing the last few pages for the first time. “Prepare yourself people, because it’s happening,” Paul quipped to the camera.

The script as read also contains vivid word pictures such as Walter White’s M60 used to take out Uncle Jack and his murderous crew described as “Satan’s windshield wiper.”

“Wow,” Cranston says simply upon reading the final words. Then he says in reference to his character’s demise, “I guess there won’t be a sequel… but Jesse stays alive,” alluding to the fact that the Pinkman could possibly reappear in another series.

With that in mind, a Breaking Bad spin-off from showrunner Vince Gilligan is in actually the works called Better Call Saul, starring Bob Odenkirk as White’s sleazy, ambulance-chasing former lawyer. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the buzz is that the spin-off may be some combination of a time-shifting prequel and sequel.

Upon finishing the script, Aaron Paul admitted that he felt sad, but that the ending was “great… perfect.”

Are you going to miss Breaking Bad? Do you agree with Aaron Paul about the series finale of Breaking Bad?