Squinching For A Photo Can Make You Look Hot Everytime

Patricia Didelot

Ever wondered how to look great in a photo every single time? The answer: squinching.

What is squinching, you may ask?

According to photographer Peter Hurley it is the art of making your eyes look smaller. If you do this every time, you will look better in photos.

Most people think they are not photogenic, so it is always good to have tips from a professional as to how to make yourself look better when getting your snap shot taken.

The photographer has uncovered the secret to make it happen for you as it does for those glamorous celebrities.

Twitter has an opinion on the topic of squinching photos, as has become the norm, with any trending topic.

So what are people saying on the social media site?

Some have some funny statements as they try to prove whether the theory of squinching for photos actually makes you look hotter.

Here are some examples.

— TweetSmarter (@TweetSmarter) November 21, 2013

— BarBara BeaM (@barbara_beam) November 22, 2013

— Luke Lewis (@lukelewis) November 22, 2013

— Kerry Sparks (@SparksKerry) November 23, 2013

According to Hurley, looking wide eyed at the camera while posing for a photo makes you look as if you are afraid and uncertain. Really?

In contrast, squinching, which is not the same as squinting, makes you look confident.

It seems trivial, but there is a difference. Hurley says squinting brings both upper and lower lids close to each other.

When squinching for photos you must only bring your lower eyelids upwards and slightly lowering the top eyelid.

Hurley explains: "If you're a photographer out there, make your people squinch. And if you're a human being who just wants to look hot, this is going to do it for you. Want to know why? Because confidence comes from the eyes."

There you have it. Try squinching your eyes the next time someone takes your photo and see if this photographer is correct. It may be the best tip you ever got.