Smugness is the new gamer friendly DRM

If there is one thing that will constantly unite gamers regardless of what their favorite game might be is the use of Digital Rights Management, otherwise known as DRM. More times than gamers can count on their ambidextrous fingers we have heard of many big name games being crippled by DRM that more often than not affected legal owners of games and did little to stop games from being pirated.

For owners of Garry’s Mod, a stand alone game that lets Steam users to change the appearance of Source engine based games, the time has come where they can hold up their legal version of Gary’s Mod like a a badge of honor thanks to an innovative use of DRM.

Garry Newman, the creator of the popular game Garry’s Mod which allows Steam users to alter the appearance of Source engine based games, has come up with such an elegant form of DRM. Yesterday he tweeted whether any people were “unable to shade polygon normals,” an issue that seemed to be quite common among a certain group of players.

The Google search Newman linked to in the tweet indeed suggested that the problem was fairly common. However, affected users who thought that the tweet meant that their problems would be fixed soon were wrong. The ‘bug’ is actually a feature that was put in the game as an anti-piracy measure, a form of DRM really.

After getting a few responses to his call for bug reports, Garry’s Mod’s creator Newman tweeted the following:

via TorrentFreak

I love it, absolutely love it. What was even better was Garry’s last tweet about his version of DRM

Now if we could just get companies like EA and BioWare to care about their paying customers in the same fashion instead of treating them like criminals with moronic uses of DRM.