Report: Wii price to drop to $150 in May

Wii fans can pick up a second console and those who have avoided purchasing a Wii due to cost might finally be in luck if rumors about an imminent price drop are true.

Engadget says the popular console is set to drop in price by 25% to $150 in May, citing reliable sources. The Wii remains popular, but console sales overall have decreased in recent years. The blog points to some credible evidence the significant cut could be on the way:

The timing would make some sense, given how Nintendo’s profits have tanked for a while due to flagging hardware sales, and just last month Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime hinted that the Wii’s price might be a potential variable to change that in an interview with Gamasutra.

Nintendo moved a respectable seven million Wiis in the US in 2010, but that figure is down from nine million in 2009 and 10 million in 2008. Nintendo has yet to comment on the rumor.