'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul Couldn't Wait To Satisfy His 'Need For Speed'

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul couldn't wait to get behind the wheel for director Scott Waugh's upcoming action flick Need for Speed.

Based on the video game, the flick tells the story of a mechanic (Paul) who lands in prison for manslaughter. After spending a considerable amount of time behind bars, he decides to get revenge on the man responsible for the crime by beating him in a high-stakes race.

Need for Speed allowed Aaron Paul a chance to play a different character than the one he tackled during his stint on Breaking Bad. While talking to the folks at Moviefone, Paul said Waugh's approach to the material is what initially drew him to the project.

Paul told the website:

"Scott made it very evident before I attached myself to this that he wanted me to be driving. He wanted all of the things, all of the action sequences to be practical. He didn't want all of this to be done behind a computer after we shot it all. So he's like, 'You're going to have to be behind the wheel and doing all these crazy races.' I was like, 'That's fantastic! Let me do that!'"
To prepare the Breaking Bad alum for his role in Need for Speed, Waugh sent the actor to race car boot camp. If all the stunts in the movie were happening in front of the camera, then Paul needed to understand the finer points of driving at high speeds.

"I told him, If you really want to do this movie, I need to teach you how to drive. And I'm not talking straight. I'm talking 150 miles an hour drifting," the filmmaker explained.

The big-screen version of Need for Speed isn't the only project keeping the former Breaking Bad star busy these days. Aaron Paul recently signed on to star in director Gabriele Muccinio's upcoming drama Fathers and Daughters. The film also stars Les Miserables veterans Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried.

If that isn't enough to keep craving for Aaron Paul under control following the end of Breaking Bad, then you can also catch the Emmy award-winning actor in director Ridley Scott's upcoming epic Exodus. Paul also recently wrapped production on an adaptation of Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down. The guy is definitely staying busy.

Are you a fan of Breaking Bad alum Aaron Paul? Do you plan to catch Scott Waugh's Need for Speed in theaters next year?

[Image via AMC Television]