Greenland Shark Saved From Choking To Death On A Moose

A Greenland shark was saved from choking to death on a moose last weekend by two quick-witted passersby who noticed the shark. The shark savers, Derrick Chaulk and Jeremy Ball, said the shark was around 2.5m long and weighed about 250 pounds.

Chaulk, who was driving down a road near to the Norris Arm North harbour, pulled over when he saw what he thought was a beached whale.

He reported that the moose the shark was eating was still alive and was sticking out of its mouth: “It [the moose] had the fur and all the liner on it — it was about two feet long, maybe,” he said.

When Ball arrived on the beach, the two men grabbed onto the half dead moose and yanked it out of the dying shark’s mouth: “A couple yanks and it just came right out,” they said.

The men, who had never met before, bravely decided to take matters into their own hands. Having saved the Greenland shark’s life, they got some rope to try and help it back into the water.

“He pulled the rope, and I pushed with my boot, and between the two of us we got him out into deeper water,” Chaulk continued: “Then all of a sudden, the water started coming out of his gills and he started breathing,”

He said that a bank on the water near to where he found the shark was known as a place where people gut moose and throw out the scraps. Chaulk assumed that the shark took too big a bite, in this case.

“He swallowed and got it halfway down and couldn’t cough it back up and couldn’t get it all down, and then I think the tide brought him in,” he said.

Fortunately, the Greenland shark was saved by the brave locals who helped it back into the sea and back to freedom. Chaulk concluded: “There was a few people up on the bank watching and once that shark swam out and lifted his tail, and then swam all the way out, everybody just clapped.”