Another toddler got drunk, this time at Olive Garden

Earlier this week, the tale of a child served a margarita in a sippy cup at an Applebee’s location in Madison Heights, Michigan shocked the nation, as parents everywhere asked, “where is my margarita, and why was it not offered to me in a sippy cup?”

Now a report of a second child served a cocktail in a lidded cup at a chain restaurant has emerged, with the mother of a Central Florida toddler claiming her son, too, was introduced to the sauce early. The second incident, which allegedly occurred in late March, involves an Olive Garden location in Florida and a white wine concoction called a “Tropical Sunrise.”

Mom Jill Van Heest says son Nikolai got most of the way through his cocktail when it was confiscated:

“We’re eating our meals when the waiter came over and said there’s been a mistake, I need to get you a new one and took the glass and kind of scurried away,” Van Heest said.

She asked him what was in the cup and was told Tropical Sangria, a mixed drink of orange juice, pineapple juice and white wine. Van Heest spoke to the restaurant manager. “He was very sympathetic, very apologetic, but no real explanation as to how it happened, just that it was a mistake,” she said.

God have mercy on my soul, here’s where Van Heest’s account gets a bit hilarious:

“He was visibly drunk. His eyes were dilated, they were red. He was now getting loud.”

Nikolai was taken to a local ER and given IV fluids until he sobered up. Olive Garden commented on the situation, saying:

“We take the responsibility that comes with serving alcohol seriously. This was an extremely regrettable accident caused by the failure of an employee to follow our strict operating procedures. We take this situation very seriously, and we are especially grateful that the child involved was not seriously harmed.

“We have absolutely no tolerance for failure to follow our operating procedures and we took swift, appropriate action to deal with this situation. We are also taking immediate steps to reinforce our standards. We offer our sincerest apologies to the family of the child, and to all of our guests, whose trust we work so hard to earn. We recognize that trust has been jeopardized by this isolated event, and we are focused on ensuring our guests experience the high standards of service that they’ve come to expect from us.”

The moral of the story? Stop eating at horrible chain restaurants. If they can so badly screw up juice in a cup, can you imagine what they might be doing to your jazzy jalepeno sizzlers that you don’t even know about?