McRib Locator App Tracks McDonald’s Treat At Franchises Still Carrying It

A McRib locator app for the Android smartphones can help you track down that tasty McDonald’s sandwich.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Burger King tried their own version of the McDonald’s McRib, but failed to make an impression.

The McRib sandwich was born in the early 1980s during a chicken shortage. It disappeared in the mid-90s and later returned as the limited time only cult item it has now become.

Unfortunately, McDonald’s just made the dumb decision to dump the McRib from their national menu, Instead, they will be returning to the days when the McRib was only regionally available, while focusing on new products like the McWrap and the Mighty Wings.

And that makes McDonald’s fans sad. So now, the McRib locator will be the only reasonable way to track down which franchises are carrying it. As of yesterday, “there have been 242 McRib sightings in the past 7 days, and the latest McRib sighting occurred in Anoka, MN today at 7:44 AM.” I can practically smell the pork from here.

But if you are on the road, a McRib locator app for Android hooks into the main website. The app allows users to “submit recent sightings, find McRib sightings, and submit receipt photos for confirmation use.”

It was last updated in October but so far reviews aren’t too hot. Some people actually reported their smartphones rebooted when using it. Oops…

Are you mad to be forced to use the McDonald’s McRib locator in order to get your snack on?