Samantha Scheibe: George Zimmerman's Girlfriend Says He Is Depressed, Obsessed With Guns

Samantha Scheibe gave the world an inside glimpse of her notorious boyfriend, George Zimmerman, describing him as a man struggling with depression and obsessed with guns.

This week, Scheibe called police to say that Zimmerman had charging him with a felony. He was later released on $9,000 bail.

The incident was captured during a 911 call, in which a woman presumed to be Samantha Scheibe is heard telling a dispatcher, "He's inside my house breaking all my (things) because I asked him to leave."

The woman then said to someone in the background, "I'm doing this again? You just broke my glass table. You just broke my sunglasses and you put your gun in my freaking face and told me to get the (expletive) out."

In an interview after the arrest, Samantha Scheibe and her mother, Hope Mason, described a relationship crumbling because of Zimmerman's depression. When Samantha met George, he had just come off an acquittal in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, and was in the midst of a divorce from his former wife. Shellie.

Samantha and George had known each other for years, dating back to before he and Shellie were married. They quickly formed a relationship.

Not long after they started dating, Zimmerman and Scheibe moved in together, but by the end of October Samantha demanded that George seek help for his depression. She said George responded by moving all of her possessions out of their home.

The relationship worsened from there, Samantha's mother said.

"Things have gotten hotter on her end. He has shown up two times already today to her house, so we need to make a move sooner than later so she stays safe," Mason wrote in a text message.

Samantha said George apologized and moved back in, but the relationship did not grow better.

The couple continued to argue, and Samantha Scheibe said she grew fearful of Zimmerman, who was increasingly depressed and obsessed with guns. The troubles came to a head earlier this week when Zimmerman pointed a gun at her and then broke a table, Scheibe said.