Colin Farrell’s Home Intruder Arrested And Under Psychiatric Hold

It’s definitely not easy to be Colin Farrell. The former bad boy, now full-time father and actor, seems to be living the good life, but that seems to come with a price to pay. That price was in the form of a home intruder, or at least someone attempting to intrude.

According to TMZ, Colin Farrell was jilted by a man who turned up at his home in hopes in catching a glimpse of the actor. He reportedly crossed the line when he walked right up to the actor’s door. At the time, Farrell was inside his house when the intruder decided to say hello.

That’s when Farrell got spooked and called his assistant, who called the cops on the man. The man, who is an alleged fan of the actor, was taken into custody, arrested, and put on a psychiatric hold after officials spoke with man. Thus far the man hasn’t been identified by the police, but according to TMZ the fan in question is not a citizen of the United States. The reason for his trip to The States? It’s reportedly to see his favorite actor, Colin Farrell.

Perhaps this “fan” of Colin’s is mistaking him for his wild boy past. Farrell, who always seemed like an extrovert, and a very approachable person has a new perspective on fame after becoming sober.

Farrell explained to Details magazine about the change inside of him:

“Honestly. I’ve got eight hours a day now that I didn’t have before, when I was drinking every day for 18 years. It was part of my brand, and it’s hard for me to talk about the last 20 years and not have fame and addiction be a part of it. But it kind of does get old…”

Farrell continued, explaining how horrible his time in Hollywood became:

“The bottom line is I ended up miserable. I’d done enough of a job of flagrantly abandoning myself in a very loud and public way that I began to fall apart, you know?”

Hopefully Colin’s intruder stays at bay.