Earthquake: Ohio Rocked By 3.5-Magnitude Quake

An earthquake in Ohio was reported by the US Geological Survey to be a 3.5-magnitude quake which rocked the south of the state.

The earthquake, centered just north of Athens, shook the area just before 1 pm today. Its epicenter was 4.9 miles deep and was 2.5 miles southeast of Nelsonville. It was reported that as well as the earthquake being felt primarily in Ohio, it was also felt in West Virginia and the Columbus area.

No loss to human life or injuries were reported, and there is thought to have been no immediate damage to property.

A resident, Carl Corvin, was in his home when he felt the Ohio earthquake: “At first, I thought a car hit the house. I thought the thing was going to come down. It was one big jolt,” he said.

Students at the Ohio University were also affected by the quake. They took to Twitter to discuss the matter.

One student, Ryan Lombardi, was asked if students would be allowed to skip class due to the earthquake, He responded jovially via Twitter: “This is funny. Really. But no. Good try though,” he Tweeted.

The earthquake in Ohio today is the most powerful the state has seen since a 4.0-magnitude quake back in December 2011. It was the strongest quake in Athens County since a 3.8-magnitude earthquake back in 1886.

The U.S. Geological Survey had a “did you feel it?” page on their official website. As well as Athens and Nelsonville the quake was also felt, according to some responses there, in Lancaster, Logan, Delaware, Portsmouth, and even Zanesville.

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