'American Horror Story: Coven' Episode 3.07: 'The Dead' Recap

In a flashback, Kyle is jamming to Toto's "Rosanna" while his frat brothers are getting tattoos. One of the boys tells him to get one, but Kyle says his mother would kill him. The boy jokes that he'd "totally bang her to take her mind off it," and Kyle cringes a bit. He talks about the levees breaking during Hurricane Katrina and says he wants to be an engineer, and says he doesn't want a tattoo to ruin his chances of being anything other than a "knight in shining armor."

In the present, Kyle is chained up in the greenhouse and crying. He has the arm and leg of two of his frat brothers, distinguishable by the tattoos -- the Chinese symbol for beginning and end, and a shamrock. Zoe walks in, hiding the small gun she found last week behind her back.

Madison is smoking a cigarette on the stairs inside Miss Robichaux's, reflecting about being a Millennial. "It seems that our one defining trait is our numbness to the world, an indifference to suffering." She says she did everything she could to take away the pain of living. "I was gang raped, and two days later, I was back in class like nothing happened," she says. She says she would give anything to feel pain again, and drinks a whole bottle of a brown liquid that she thought made her "nipples tingle." She burns her hand with a lighter, binges on plates of food. She can't feel any of it.

Zoe explains to Kyle that she used her power to bring him back to life, and tells him that he killed his mother. She says there is only one way to fix it and goes to shoot him, but he grabs the gun from her. He starts to put the gun in his mouth, but Zoe tries to take it away from him. He shoots out a window instead, and Zoe says she doesn't want him to die.

Queenie is looking for food in the kitchen when Madame LaLaurie comes down. She was looking for something to eat, too, but they find nothing. They go to a fast food drive-through and the man asks Queenie if she wants to supersize the order. "Do we dare," LaLaurie asks. Queenie goes for it. She says she came up from Detroit to be with her "sister witches," and LaLaurie says they will never see her as one of them. "Because I'm fat," Queenie asks. "No, ma cher. Because you're black. Black as coal."

Delia's phone rings. It's Hank saying he misses her and wants to come home. She tells him to go to sleep and hangs up. He says he'll see her soon, and the camera pans out to reveal some heavy weaponry on the floor in front of him.

Delia hears a noise and leaves her room to check it out. When she gets to the top of the steps, Madison stops her. Delia touches her face and sees her murder. "Fiona," she says.

Fiona goes home with John, aka The Axeman, who offers her "decent bourbon and good company." He quotes Faulkner and says he's led a solitary life. Fiona doesn't believe him. He says he can tell Fiona likes danger. There are photos of a black man on the wall, and Fiona asks who he is. The Axeman tells her he is "the Prince of the Ivories." Fiona excuses herself to use the restroom, and brushes her hair back, pulling out some hair. In the bathtub is the murdered body of the "Prince of the Ivories."

Fiona goes to kiss the Axeman and more hair falls out. She says it was a mistake, and that it's just a one night stand. The Axeman says it could be their destiny, and she tells him he doesn't want anything to do with her. "I'm a wretched human being," she says. She says she's ruined every relationship she's ever had, including the one with her daughter. He says the ladies always watched the bass player when they should have been watching his fingers. He succeeds in seducing Fiona and they sleep together.

Zoe tells Kyle she wants to trust him, and that he needs to learn how to communicate. She shows him flashcards, but when she shows him "bed," he slaps it out of her hand. "Stupid," he says. She tells him he isn't stupid. Madison walks in and tells Zoe that Delia wants to see her (that would be impossible, but she does want to talk, she adds). She tells Kyle he was dead, and so was she. She asks if he saw a light, because she didn't. He knows how she feels, she says. He's been wondering if it's worth the trouble, and so has she.

Queenie visits Marie, and she's surprised she knows her name. Of course Marie knows -- a black witch comes to town, and she's going to hear about it. She tells Marie she doesn't think the other witches like her, and Marie says she'll never be welcome there. She's making gumbo, which Queenie has never had, and gives her a taste. Marie explains that she buried LaLaurie and Fiona brought her back. Queenie says Fiona made LaLaurie her slave, and Marie says slave is too good for her. If she wants to come live with them, all she has to do is bring her LaLaurie, but Queenie says she never said that. "Voodoo doll belong in the house of voodoo … you mix your witch with our voodoo, and even the Supreme won't be able to touch you," Marie says. Queenie asks Marie what she's going to do to LaLaurie if she does bring her. "Don't you worry about that, child." Queenie leaves, and Marie looks satisfied.

Delia explains that Zoe brought the Axeman back, and that she's one "hot sh*t witch," and power like that doesn't go unnoticed. She says Fiona has always been on her own side, and if she believes Zoe's the next Supreme, she'll slit her throat. She tells her Fiona killed Madison because she wanted to absorb her power. "So what are we gonna do," she asks Delia. "It's simple. We're going to kill my mother. Kill her once, kill her good. Kill her dead."

Zoe opens the door to her room and sees Kyle and Madison having sex. She closes the door, stunned.

Fiona is still at the Axeman's house. She says she called the cops on him because she found the dead body in the tub. She says she knows nothing about him, and he says he knows everything about her. He's been watching over her since she was eight years old. A young Fiona uses her telekinesis to knock over the other girls' milk. An older witch named Helen tells her to hold her glass above her head. Fiona starts to, then throws it at Helen, who pushes her to the ground. As Helen walks by a cabinet, it falls on her.

"That was you," she asks the Axeman. "I knew I didn't do it."

The Axeman tells her he saw her as the daughter he never had, but that his feelings became complicated and he fell in love. "Not like a father. Like a man." Fiona says she doesn't believe in ghosts. They start to kiss again and Fiona slaps him. She is furious and tells him to go haunt someone else's life.

Zoe is in Spalding's room. She asks him how he's doing, and he says "fine." He's surprised that he can speak and asks whose tongue he has. Zoe tells him it's his. She tells him Myrtle wanted him to tell the truth, but he didn't want to, so he cut it out. Myrtle wasn't witch enough to put his tongue back. "But I'm not Myrtle." She asks him if he killed Madison, and he says he knows who did, but doesn't want to tell. "Say the name. Say it." He says Fiona. His family has served the Coven for 10 generations, and he has devoted his life to it. "Not anymore. You're done talking." She stabs him.

Queenie asks LaLaurie what the worst thing she ever did was. LaLaurie says the past is best left buried, and Queenie says she thinks they have a connection. In a flashback, LaLaurie tells a young slave, Sally, who has just given birth to help her with her beauty treatment. Louis has his hand on her buttocks. LaLaurie tells Sally she's made her own beauty concoction, and Sally tells her it looks like blood. LaLaurie says the batch is extra special because it came from a newborn baby boy. LaLaurie knew her husband had slept with Sally. The next morning, Sally kills herself, and they buried her with her baby. Queenie is horrified.

Fiona is in the bathroom and takes some pills. She pulls out more hair and takes out an electric razor to shave it off, but changes her mind.

Zoe washes Spalding's blood off of her body. Madison confronts her about what she saw, and says she's not giving Kyle up. Being with him is the only thing that's made her feel alive since she came back, she says. She tells Zoe since he's already dead, she can't kill him with what's between her legs. Zoe asks if they're supposed to take turns with him, but Madison has something else in mind. Kyle is waiting on the bed, and Madison joins him. They both reach out to Zoe, who drops her towel and gets into bed with them.

Fiona goes to the bar and asks the Axeman if she can buy him a drink.

Queenie brings LaLaurie to Cornrow City under the pretense of getting her a new hairstyle. Marie and her employees come out, and LaLaurie tells Queenie she doesn't know what Marie will do to her. Queenie says she does, which is why she brought her there. Marie locks her up and says she forgot to put on her Retin-A. She asks Queenie if she cares to make the first cut. Queenie would love to. Marie applies LaLaurie's blood to her neck and face.

"Beautiful," she says.