Kickstarter Project 'Astrobase Command' Is Unlike Anything You've Played Before

David Cornell

The new Kickstarter project called Astrobase Command is out to prove that whatever your sci-fi game fantasy is, you can build it on your computer. The power is almost literally in your hands all the way. First off, however, the crew making the game needs the money to make it happen. This crew in particular has built games before, and they know what they're doing.

Astrobase Command is all about putting your ideas into a real game, giving you the power to craft your own race and build your own retro-style space station. This game tries its hardest not to be like everything else you've played.

Jellyfish Games of Montreal states that their Kickstarter project Astrobase Command can't be classified by most game genres. You could call it an RPG, a real-time strategy title, a space combat game, or even an MMO and those would all be true, yet none of them really describe it. The game is really its own genre.

If anything, Astrobase Command promotes the idea of building the space station of your dreams, but it focuses on character interaction and not just character stats. The game itself generates the story and the challenges as you build, defend, and survive the realistic thrills of life in space … according to the basic rules of retro science fiction.

The inspiration for the Kickstarter project Astrobase Command comes from classic shows and films from Star Wars to Star Trek, and even some major space-borne video games. The game is essentially a sandbox title, but that's as close to a definition of the genre as you're likely to find. If you combine Mass Effect with Grand Theft Auto, or Minecraft with Star Control II, you might be close to understanding what this game will be like.

A genre-breaking title like this only comes along once in a lifetime, and it's literally up to you to decide its fate. As with most Kickstarter projects, Astrobase Command will be sent to its most generous donors. Here is a list of some of the basic packages available for the amounts given:

The rewards only get more awesome. The more you give, the more you get as thanks for your contribution.

If you wish to make a donation to the Kickstarter project Astrobase Command and be all you can be, click here and possibly be a part of video game history. The minimum goal is $145,000, with possible stretch goals if enough donations are made in the given time frame.

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