Family Feud Zombie Answer: Woman’s Accidentally Racist Answer Goes Viral

The question appeared on a recent episode of the quiz show. Host Steve Harvey asked two dueling contestants to name something they know about zombies and match the most popular answer from 100 people surveyed.

Christine buzzed in first, and rushed to give her answer: They’re black.

Maybe she spoke too quickly, or maybe the Family Feud contestant missed the zombie craze in popular culture lately, but it seemed that she wished to immediately take back her answer.

Christine stood with a stunned look for a moment, and then tried to backtrack.

“I don’t know if they’re white..or…I just…probably,” she said as Steve Harvey and her opponent, who are both black, looked on.

“You shut up lady!” Harvey finally chimed in.

She tried again to save face, insisting that one of the Family Feud answers would be zombie. It was not.

It’s likely that Christine hasn’t seen the influx of zombie related movies and television shows like the hit Walking Dead, or else she would have known at least one of the major facts about zombies. They’re slow and lumbering, they eat brains, and they grunt when they talk.

Family Feud has had some dark moments as of late. Last month, an aspiring contestant shot his wife to death just hours after finishing an audition to appear on the show.

Marcus T. Crosby, a high school security guard, went with members of his family to try out for the quiz show. His wife did not attend.

Within hours, police were called to a report of shots being fired at Crosby’s home, finding both Marcus and his wife dead of gunshot wounds. Neighbors said they heard the couple arguing in their home prior to the shooting, but police didn’t say whether the Family Feud tryout played any role in the deadly argument.

After the Family Feud zombie answer failed, Christine’s opponent correctly guessed the No. 6 answer: they move slow.