This whole Kindergarten class has an iPad each and you don't

Kim LaCapria

Remember how exciting it was to crack into a brand-new box of Crayola 64s when you were five?

That recollection, coupled with the gadget lust you feel every time Apple swings open its vault doors and reveals a shiny new toy should probably make you seethe with envy at the Kindergarteners in Auburn, Maine. Their Santa-like school board just voted to equip all 285 of them with brand spanking new iPads. We didn't want one anyway, you spoiled brats.

Uncharitable jealousy aside, it's a pretty cool and progressive idea, and one that could benefit more primary schoolkids. The iPad is really perfectly suited and sized for a Kindergarten-age kid, and the interface is easily navigable with their chubby little imprecise fingers.

Council members extolled the learning potential inherent in iPad use for little dudes:

"It's an unbelievably successful device for engaging students — for engaging children," School Committee member Thomas Kendall said. "It's absolutely going to revolutionize education. It's a game-changer."
"Kids can't keep track of their mittens or their school books," Councilor Belinda Gerry said. "And you want them to have iPads? I'm at a loss. I'm at a total loss."

Do you think giving almost-toddlers iPads is an awesome idea or asking for wanton destruction of gorgeous new device?