'The Best Man Holiday' Sequel In The Works At Universal

A sequel to The Best Man Holiday is reportedly in the works at Universal Pictures.

Since the sequel to director Malcolm D. Lee's 1999 romantic comedy The Best Man made a killing at the box office over the weekend, the studio is extremely interested in getting the gang back together for another go-around. According to Deadline, Universal understandably want this thing to happen sooner rather than later.

Although 14 years elapsed between the original flick and the follow-up, this didn't stop The Best Man Holiday from earning an impressive $30.1 million from moviegoers. Since the movie only cost around $17 million to produce, it's no wonder that the studio is dead set on putting the sequel on the fast track.

However, it's currently unknown who will return for the follow-up to The Best Man Holiday. It's also unclear when Universal Pictures will have the movie ready to roll. Since Malcolm D. Lee is presently rewriting another flick in hopes of directing, it could be a while before the next installment hits the big screen.

The Huffington Post reports that star Morris Chestnut teased the third film during a recent interview. At the time, he said everything hinged on how well The Best Man Holiday performed in theaters.

Chestnut explained:

"I actually already know a little bit. I talked to the director and writer Malcolm Lee. The people still have to speak. When the people come and they show the movie is successful then there will be a third. [Lee] already is breaking out some story lines for my character in the third movie. So I kinda already know a little bit what happens."
Since it took Lee almost 15 years to put together a sequel, everyone and their mother wanted to know why he took so long in-between films. According to the director, he felt pressure to churn out a sequel and a television show following the original flick's success. Since he didn't want to get "pigeonholed" as an artist, he decided to wait.

"I had said to myself even back then that I would re-visit these characters 10 years later just to see what kind of life they have lived. I'd let the characters live some life and me live some life so that I would have some kind of story to tell. So when it came to wanting to do it, the time was just right," Lee recently explained.

Are you hoping Malcolm D. Lee delivers a follow-up to The Best Man Holiday within the next 10 years? Did you catch the film in theaters this weekend?

[Image via Universal Pictures]