Jennifer Aniston Rumor Mill Swings Back Into Gear With Alleged Pregnancy And Wedding Postponements

Jennifer Aniston must be exhausted.

In addition to returning to work, with filming for Horrible Bosses 2 beginning, Jennifer Aniston carries the weight of the entire gossip industry. It has to be draining. That kind of exertion could spell trouble for Jennifer Aniston's pregnancy. No wonder she is putting her wedding to Justin Theroux on hold.

Huh? Oh yeah, Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. Allegedly, that is. And her wedding to Justin Theroux—which didn't have a date last we checked—is being further postponed. At least, that's the conclusion we draw from headlines like "Allegedly Pregnant Jennifer Aniston Postpones Wedding to Justin Theroux Again, Is Ceremony Date Canceled?" Makes sense.

The post from Classicalite begins straightforward enough: "Jennifer Aniston, who is allegedly pregnant, may have postponed her wedding to Justin Theroux. This isn't the first time the actress has pushed the date back, leading many to wonder if the ceremony date has been canceled altogether."

Wait, haven't we heard this before? No, not the rumor that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant for the eighth time this year. This all feels so familiar... Anyway, the piece attributes rumors from other sites about how Jennifer Aniston is postponing the wedding because she wants to focus on her career. It then points out that Jennifer is rumored to be interested in alternate forms of conception like in vitro fertilization, which makes no sense when the first sentence tells us Jennifer Aniston is allegedly pregnant.

Oh, that's it! We read it at the end of September, in a piece entitled "Allegedly Pregnant Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Wedding Canceled?" That piece began "Jennifer Aniston, who is allegedly pregnant, and Justin Theroux may have canceled their wedding plans." Now where was that article?

Oh, yeah: it's on the same site.

By the same writer.

If nothing else, points should be awarded for consistency (to be fair, the picture was at least changed for the second post).

Of course, Classicalite isn't the only site trotting out the same old rehashed Jennifer Aniston rumors. The New York Daily News says "Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux's wedding postponed... again." The Daily Mail asks "So just what is going on with Jen and Justin? Friends star 'puts brakes on wedding and babies.'"

The Daily Planet probably has Jennifer Aniston's alleged pregnancy and wedding postponement on the front page at this point.