‘COD: Ghosts’ On PS4 An Excellent HD Copy Of Every ‘Call Of Duty’ Before

COD: Ghosts on PS4 is our first chance to see what Infinity Ward can do with the series given next generation software. According to the critics, it’s a more detailed version of everything we’ve played before in the series.

Call of Duty has always been about linear missions involving squads and military weapons, and despite juggling developers since its inception, not much has changed. It appears Infinity Ward knows that if it isn’t broken, there is little point in fixing it. Gamers gather to grab a copy every year, and with the next gen versions of COD: Ghosts now available to the public (Xbox One coming in a few days), the latest Call of Duty may just outsell Grand Theft Auto 5.

In this review roundup on COD: Ghosts for PS4, not much has changed, and that’s still a good thing.

According to PushSquare, COD: Ghosts deviates from the Modern Warfare and Black Ops formulas, and thanks to new technology, simply does everything again in higher definition.

It’s the not so distant future, and you play the heavy breathing soldier Logan (no relation to Wolverine, sorry X-Men fans) as he powers through space missions and commands a dog. The nations of South America have banded together to create yet another evil empire known as the Federation, and yes, it’s time to take them out. As Logan fights to protect what little is left of the US, he stumbles across a special faction called the Ghosts.

While the dog is a more dynamic addition this time around, letting you actually control him, the concept has been done before. Riley only accompanies you on a few missions anyway, so the new gameplay mechanic seems like it was simply tossed in from the start as a marketing gimmick.

Game Informer agrees that COD: Ghosts on PS4 is the same thing you’ve been playing for years, just with a few extra elements thrown in to make it appear fresh until you actually play it. Aside from the dog, the Ghosts team, the space mission, et cetera, this title has nothing really new going for it, except for the higher-definition upgrade that makes everything look better. The supposedly destructible environments really don’t change the gameplay that dramatically, either.

Gaming Trend says that COD: Ghosts for PS4 merely continues the “future” plot of the series which started in (and exhausted the concept of) World War II. The dog’s role was obviously overstated from the start, considering how little Riley is actually used in this game. The beginning of the game was actually quite good, though.

If you liked Call of Duty before, COD: Ghosts for PS4 really won’t add much of anything new, except a more detailed environment. It’s a good game, but it doesn’t really being anything new to the table.