Charlie Sheen Verbally Attacks Denise Richards On Stage

Charlie Sheen is being petty, the actor turned freak show took to the Radio City Music Hall stage on Friday night and trashed Denise Richards.

During his show Sheen called Richards a “dognapper” and then sent her an email at 10AM PDT on Saturday to demand that she return a pug the couple owned together.

In response to his message Denise is rumored to have responded by telling Charlie that he can call her whatever he wants, but that he isn’t getting the dog back.

According to TMZ, Richards believes the death of the pugs companion was caused by mistreatment at the hands of Sheen and she isn’t willing to allow the other dog to suffer the same inhumane treatment.

In other news, Denise denies rumors that she has threatened legal action if Charlie continues speaking about her in public.