Avril Lavigne Opens Up About ‘Nostalgic’ New Album [Video]

Avril Lavigne recently dropped a few details about her “nostalgic” new self-titled album.

The Canadian singer makes absolutely no excuses about the content of her latest collection of songs. Since Lavigne spends a lot of time thinking about her days as a teenager, it’s not altogether surprising that these themes influence the direction of the album.

“I think that’s also what’s so great about this record. It’s a little bit nostalgic… with the first single, ‘Here’s To Never Growing Up.’ You know it’s all about your attitude and your approach in life, and I always just want to have fun with everything,” she told Radio.com.

Avril Lavigne continued, “With ’17′ — the song — that’s an age that I think about a lot, or I speak about a lot with my friends. It was such a big year for me.”

Although Avril Lavigne worked with L.A. Reid on her self-titled album, she explained that it was very important to explore new ideas with the latest tunes. This included diving into EDM and penning songs with her husband Chad Kroeger. However, there’s still plenty of pop-punk songs included on the album.

Lavigne said:

“It was really important for me to be true to my roots, but to also be open to experimenting working with new people and trying out new sounds. I wrote a lot of music for this record and that’s why I think this album is so diverse. I picked my favorite songs, and I feel like it’s a strong record. There’s a lot going on, there’s summer songs, there’s pop songs, there’s rock tunes, there’s ballads, and, you know ‘Hello Kitty’ is an electronic tune.”

The singer also discussed working with the Nickelback frontman:

“I was interested in working with [Kroeger] after my manager brought it up to me. I thought it would be a nice opportunity to write with someone who also has the same sort of experience out on the road and being up on the stage and being a performer… When [Kroeger] was recording vocals and I was doing vocal takes, he wasn’t just a producer who does that for a living, he was a singer… I felt there was a different type of understanding and that made it a whole different type of understanding for me.”

Avril Lavigne’s album debuted at number five on the Billboard charts with approximately 44,000 units sold. However, the new collection of songs reportedly moved roughly 48,000 copies in Japan. Did you pick up a copy of Avril Lavigne?

[Image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]