Arnold Schwarzenegger In Talks For First Role After California Governorship

The Governator said that after his 7 year seat as California Governor ran its course he would be returning to the big screen and now he is already in talks to star in the movie The Last Stand.

PopEater reports that the movie is:

A crime thriller that is based around a fugitive drug lord and a small town sheriff (Schwarzenegger) who will attempt to bring him to justice.

The former Governor is said to be “far from signing on the dotted line” as negotiations have not reached the final stage.

The last role the Governor took was a small walk on cameo in 2010’s The Expendables. Before that his last big role was in 2003’s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.


If Lions Gate can closes the deal it could be big for the studio as the actors first post governor role is expected to draw huge hype and with it huge crowds.