Polaris Sportsman Airless Tire ATV Hits The Market

The Polaris Sportsman airless tire ATV have hit the market, offering a GI Joe grade quad for us regular Joes.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, ATV's can be dangerous, as recently seen when a Nebraska teen died in an ATV accident

Airless tires have been rumored for decades, but only recently have they become a distinct possibility. Polaris Sportsman WV850 H.O is the first of it's kind. It boasts a non-pneumatic tire system (NPT), and is based on military-spec MV850. It also claims a 1,500 pound towing capacity, winching setup purportedly able to lift 3,500 pounds, a 11.75 gallon fuel tank, and a single-speed transmission

But let's just focus on those rad tires! The airless tires can run for 1,000 miles after a railroad spike and speed away for another 350 miles after taking a hit from a.50 caliber rifle. The Polaris Sportsman presents it's offering to the target audience of "active Army, National Guard, Reserve, Civilians, Retirees, Government Civilians, Wounded Warriors, Veterans and family members."

Off-Road division VP David Longren talks about the Polaris Sportsman:

"We have seen great success with NPTs in military and disaster relief scenarios and are excited to bring this technology to the consumer market for extreme work applications."
The NPT's are being called "Terrain Armor" and Polaris claims they also offer a lower center of gravity, improving stability and cornering. The tires are made of a tread band in a polymeric web, instead of the standard air filled inner tube. It's also got a military grade transmission and has standard Electronic Power Steering, shift lever lock, push bumper, steel exoskeleton and wider foot wells. Polaris says they plan to use the NPT for other ATV's as well.

At $14,995 it can be yours, so you can be ready for anything that life throws your way, including bullets and road spikes, apparently. Quantities will be limited, so preppers beware, you better get one now!

So what do you think; are you going to get your Polaris Sportsman airless tire ATV? The apocalypse might be closer than you think, and one of these could really come in handy!