Xbox One Release Date Follows PS4 Disappointment: Great Microsoft, Don’t Get Cocky

The Xbox One release date is on its way in just a few days, and the PS4 suffered some major setbacks when Sony’s console launched. This is not a victory yet, though.

Sony and their diehard followers thought they would see a “perfect day” when the PS4 release date hit, but it launched to much disappointment. HDMI connections didn’t connect right on an estimated few thousand consoles, forcing new owners to have to send their new machine back to Sony to get it fixed. Others found that the mandatory day one update turned their console into a brick, only adding to the injury.

Sony felt the bitter taste of defeat as the “blue ring of death” sat lighting up a possibly unintentionally sarcastic congratulations from Microsoft on their launch. PlayStation 4 owners everywhere may have to wait until after the holidays to even play the few games they have available.

Microsoft may feel the urge to laugh at this, but we strongly urge them not to. After all, everybody was sure that Sony’s launch would go off without any problems. Microsoft might not have as many pre-orders on the way, but until the mandatory update happens, there is no way to know if Microsoft gamers will be any more successful when the Xbox One release date hits.

Early reports state that Target accidentally shipped consoles to Xbox One owners ahead of time, but Microsoft isn’t letting early console owners connect to Xbox Live. One early gamer actually succeeded in connecting before his console was banned, but that’s only one person.

Keep in mind that some PlayStation 4 owners actually received working consoles, and the Xbox One hasn’t truly been tested en masse yet.

Here are the factors we do know so far before the Xbox One release date:

  • While the DualShock 4 controller is notably the best one Sony has ever made, Microsoft has likewise made the Xbox One controller smaller to fit more gamers’ hands.
  • The PlayStation 4 launched with 16 games while the Xbox One is set to hit with 23. However, the bigger titles that the Xbox One seems to be touting will also be pricier, while the PS4 has indie titles on its side.
  • The peripherals are where the Xbox One shines. While the controller may lack the motion sensor that the DualShock 4 comes with, the Xbox One comes with an improved Kinect, which is practically a controller all by itself. The PS4 camera can’t technically compete, though you won’t have to memorize a bunch of voice commands to navigate PSN.
  • The PlayStation 4 uses direct access to Facebook and Twitter in order to post video clips of gameplay, while the Xbox One tries to use what appears to be a combination of both in its own way, and will require you to pass the paywall known as Xbox Gold.

The Xbox One release date is almost here, but with neither having any major technical advantages, Microsoft gamers shouldn’t get cocky after the PS4 launch disappointment. After all, who knows if the Xbox One might suffer the same problems?