Colorado Mine Accident Injures 20, Kills 2

A Colorado mine accident has injured 20 and left two dead. The Ouray, Colorado, miners were exposed to carbon monoxide following "powder-smoke incident." Officials confirm 39-year-old Nick Cappanno and 59-year-old Rick Williams are still inside the mine and are confirmed dead.

Officials with the Colorado Mine safety and Health Administration said an explosion at the Revenue-Virginius mine released the deadly gas. However, the cause of the explosion is under investigation.

Project manager Rory Williams said the miners who were injured and killed were all wearing the required personal respirators when the incident occurred. Williams said the equipment did not malfunction. However, he did not off an explanation as to how them men were poisoned in the Colorado mine accident.

As reported by Fox News, the mine is owned by Star Mine Operations, LLC.The company purchased the gold, silver, and lead, mine in late 2011. They began operating in February this year. The site employs close to 100 miners.

The mine was originally started in the 1800s. Between 1876 and 1950, it produced more than 14 million ounces of silver.

Company representatives said all the miners who were working at the site are accounted for. A total of 20 people were treated in area hospitals. Eighteen were released following treatment and two remain hospitalized. The condition of those remaining in the hospital was not released.

Authorities are interviewing witness to construct a timeline leading up to the release of gas. They will also inspect the equipment and safety procedures.

ABC News reports that Colorado's last major mining disaster was in April 1981. An explosion at the Mif-Continent Durch Creek No. 1 Mine killed 15 miners. The mine was located near Redstone.

As the investigation into the Colorado mine accident continues, the town mourns the loss of two hard-working and respected men. Company officials said both men were loyal employees.

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