Midwest Tornadoes Leave At Least Six Dead, Thousands Homeless

The tornadoes that ripped through the Midwestern US on Sunday left at least six dead in Illinois, thousands homeless, and hundreds of thousands without power.

The storms, that are moving to the east on Monday, leveled entire communities.

Washington, Illinois (about 140 miles southeast of Chicago) was particularly hard hit and wakes up to complete devastation.

“Literally, neighborhoods are completely wiped out,” Representative Aaron Schock, R-Illinois, who was in Washington, told Fox News. “I’m looking at subdivisions of twenty to thirty homes and there’s not a home there.”

He adds the entire town of Washington is “devastated.”

According to Schock, a call has gone out for doctors and nurses, as many people are in need of medical assistance after suffering injuries during the Midwest tornadoes.

Firefighters were going door to door looking for people trapped in their homes. The Illinois National Guard has also been dispatched to help to look for victims.

Blocks upon blocks of homes have been flattened in the aftermath of the deadly Midwest tornadoes in the rural town of 16,000, according to Fox.

“I went over there immediately after the tornado, walking through the neighborhoods, and I couldn’t even tell what street I was on,” Washington Alderman Tyler Gee told WLS-TV.

Incredible photos and videos of the devastation are being posted on social media to show the true scope of the disaster brought on by the Midwest tornadoes.

Spectacular radar photos of the Midwest tornadoes are also being posted to Twitter, showing the true magnitude of the deadly outbreak.

People snapped photos of the dangerous Midwest tornado as it slammed through Washington, Illinois on Sunday afternoon.

Several videos showing just how massive some of the Midwest tornadoes were, have hit YouTube as well and are getting thousands of hits on Monday morning. Watch one of them below.

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency states the deadly outbreak left six people dead, but “everyone has a place to go tonight”, as residents are offering to take in those left homeless by the Midwest tornadoes, which ranks No. 4 in the top five November tornadoes, according to the National Weather Service.