Top Searches of 2008

Yahoo has released its list of the top Internet searches of 2008 -- at least, based on data from the minority of users still relying on Yahoo's search engine.

Nonetheless, the results are somewhat interesting. The first category marks overall searches across all subject areas. And the winners are:

1. Britney Spears2. WWE3. Barack Obama4. Miley Cyrus5. RuneScape6. Jessica Alba7. Naruto8. Lindsay Lohan9. Angelina Jolie10. American Idol

Britney, it's worth noting, held the same #1 spot in '07. In fact, Yahoo says she's been the most popular search term for seven out of the past eight years (albeit for drastically different reasons now than at the beginning).

Here are some of the other measurements for specific categories, as measured by Yahoo:

Top 10 Economic Searches

1. IRS Stimulus Checks2. Oil Prices3. Gold Prices4. Gas Prices5. Dow Jones6. Sallie Mae7. Stock Market8. AIG9. Foreclosures10. Debt Consolidation

Top 10 Politician Searches

1. Barack Obama2. Sarah Palin3. John McCain4. Hillary Clinton5. George Bush6. Ron Paul7. John Edwards8. Mike Huckabee9. Arnold Schwarzenegger10. Mitt Romney

Top 10 News Stories

1. Hurricanes2. Caylee and Casey Anthony3. Election 20084. Pakistan5. Pregnant Man6. China7. Iraq8. Shelley Malil9. Patrick Swayze10. Afghanistan

Top 10 Olympian Searches

1. Michael Phelps2. Leryn Franco3. Serena Williams4. Kobe Bryant5. Shawn Johnson6. Jennie Finch7. Misty May Treanor8. Ronaldinho9. Alicia Sacramone10. Nastia Liukin

Top 10 Rising Celebrity Searches

1. Miley Cyrus2. Vanessa Anne Hudgens3. Chris Brown4. Jonas Brothers5. Rihanna6. Taylor Swift7. Jamie Lynn Spears8. Hayden Panettiere9. Zac Efron10. Selena Gomez

Top 10 Searched Influential Women

1. Angelina Jolie2. Sarah Palin3. Oprah4. Hillary Clinton5. Gina Carano6. Tina Fey7. Michelle Obama8. Katie Couric9. Barbara Walters10. Dara Torres

Top 10 Send-Offs

1. Heath Ledger2. Bernie Mac3. Paul Newman4. Randy Pausch5. George Carlin6. Estelle Getty7. Tim Russert8. Brad Renfro9. Isaac Hayes10. Boyd Coddington has also released a list of its top search terms for the year. Our favorite category there is the "Top Question Searches," which features such gems as:

"Why is the sky blue?"

"What is the meaning of life?"

And, the best of all -- coming in at #1 on the list:

"How do I get pregnant?"

As they say, if you have to ask...