Muckleshoot Casino Shooting: Man Opens Fire In Parking Garage, Wounding Two

A Muckleshoot Casino shooting left two people injured after a man opened fire in a parking garage just outside the casino and then tried to flee in his car.

The shooting took place outside a casino in Auburn, a city in Washington roughly halfway between Seattle and Tacoma. Police officers responded at 9 pm to find two men who had suffered gunshot wounds.

Police were able to arrest the suspect in the Muckleshoot Casino shooting, but have not yet released a name. Reports said the man tried to drive away from the scene, but police apprehended him before he could escape.

The suspect is being held on investigation for two counts of assault in the first degree. The suspect, whose last known address was in Renton, Washington, was being held pending a transfer to the King County Jail, Auburn police said.

The two victims were rushed to Harborview Hospital with serious injuries, but both were too injured to talk to police or positively identify the suspect.

Details of the Muckleshoot Casino shooting are still unclear, but police said it came after an altercation between the men. Investigators said there is still much work to be done in determining the sequence of events that led up to the shooting.

The Muckleshoot Casino shooting was not the first act of violence at the casino. In 2011 a man opened fire on his ex-wife and her new boyfriend, striking the woman and her sister.