Jason Ritter To Make Return To 'Parenthood'

The 2014 season may just be the new year of Jason Ritter. Jason, who has been thrust into the spotlight after father John Ritter's passing in 2003, has put out some fantastic work on the NBC show Parenthood. Joining the cast in 2010 for a recurring role, Ritter quickly stole hearts as the earnest English teacher who falls in love with Lauren Graham's character, Sarah Braverman, despite actively teaching her children.

Since his first initial appearance on Parenthood, Jason Ritter has been in and out of Sarah's story arc as her love interest and ex, appearing in a total of 30 episodes throughout the series' run. The last time we saw Ritter's character, Mark Cyr, he was rejected by Sarah yet again after their engagement was called off.

Now TVLine is reporting that Jason Ritter is coming back for some more Parenthood. So far he's only signed on for one episode, but seeing as he always finds his way back it's not a leap to consider his upcoming episode may not be his last. It's said that Ritter will pop up on the show in Episode 19, which will air in April. So far it's not known what Ritter's role will be for the episode, given that his ex-fiance is currently on the outs with Ray Romano's character Hank, who looked to be a serious love interest/rebound for Graham's character.

In addition to his return to Parenthood, Jason Ritter also has his own show coming to FOX called Us & Them. Funny enough, his mid-season comedy sees him opposite Alexis Bledel, who played Graham's daughter in Gilmore Girls. Of the funny coincidence Ritter told The Huffington Post:

"It's very weird. Gilmore Girls. And Scott Patterson [Luke on 'Gilmore'] played my father on another show, so I'm slowly making my way through every single 'Gilmore Girls' cast member."

Are you excited to see Jason Ritter make his return to Parenthood?