‘The Hunger Games’ Gets Remade… With Cats [Video]

Director Gary Ross’ box office hit The Hunger Games recently received the remake treatment. Instead of featuring people, this version stars a cast of furry felines.

The folks over at The Pet Collective take popular movies and fill them full of cats. The group previously crafted parodies of Star Wars and Pretty Little Liars with felines in the lead roles. If you’re not a cat person, then the embedded clip isn’t going to make your day any brighter.

According to CNET, the group releases a new clip from their “Movies as Told by Cats” series every two weeks. Senior producer Hai-Lam Phan said the idea came about after he spotted pictures of cats with their heads poking out of illustrated pieces of cardboard.

“In each frame of the movie, the cats have to somewhat emote to sell the story beat. And cats are cats, so they’re naturally disinterested about everything. We tried everything — playing with toys, dancing, making weird noises, begging. Through much trial and error, we got our shots, but not without looking a bit foolish,” he told the website.

Depending on who you ask, this version of The Hunger Games featuring cats in cardboard is a suitable substitute for the flick starring Jennifer Lawrence. If you don’t have time to watch the real adaptation ahead of the sequel’s upcoming release, Comedy Central UK points out that it makes for a fine alternative.

Don’t take everyone else’s word for it — check out The Pet Collective’s Hunger Games parody below. Again, this clip was specifically designed for cat lovers.

If that video didn’t completely fill your daily quota of adorable feline videos, take a look at the Star Wars parody below. The title: Paw Warz. The Pet Collective might need to work on their titles, but they’ve got the cute cat thing down to a science.

The Hunger Games with cats clip essentially tells you everything you need to know about the story in a nutshell. You’re missing out on some of the finer nuances of Suzanne Collins’ plot, but the clip should prepare you for director Francis Lawrence’s The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The flick bows in theaters on November 22.

Judging from early reviews, the sequel feels a little samey from time-to-time. However, folks will no doubt line up to catch the latest Katniss Everdeen adventure on the big screen. The movie will likely shatter all sorts of box office records later this month.

What do you think about The Pet Collective’s version of The Hunger Games?

[Image via The Pet Collective]