November 15, 2013
BMW Drives On Rocky Steps In Philadelphia, Man Gets Arrested

A BMW drove down the Rocky steps in Philadelphia, the ones made famous by fictional boxer Rocky Balboa, and now the 20-year-old man responsible for the stunt is facing charges.

The car's driver, 20-year-old Emin Faki, originally told police that he didn't intend to drive his BMW on the Rocky steps, but the brakes failed and he was unable to stop in time.

The steps rise to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and appear in an iconic scene in the movie Rocky in which Sylvester Stallone's character is training for a bout. In the 1980 sequel Rocky III, a bronze statue was made of the fighter, and Stallone later donated it to the city of Philadelphia once filming ended. It now sits at the top of the stairs.

Video of the BMW driving down the Rocky steps was posted online after the October 24 incident, and led police to Faki.

Emin Faki surrendered to police on Thursday, KYW-TV reported.

The case appears to be part of a trend of BMW owners showing complete disregard for their pricey vehicles. Earlier this year, an Italian marble dealer named Hadi Pourmoheseni was fed up with the dealer who sold him his BMW M6, and decided to exact a strange measure of revenge.

The man hauled the BMW all the way to the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, and in front of a crowd of dozens of people and a number of television cameras, he took a sledgehammer to the car.

Pourmoseni admitted that he could have just filed a lawsuit to recoup the money from the numerous defects the $160,000 automobile had suffered, but said that could stretch for years. He also admitted he wanted the attention.

Emin Faki has a December 18 hearing scheduled to face his charges. In the meantime, a judge has ordered not to drive his BMW near the Rocky steps anymore.