Coney Island Dolphin Trapped, Feared Dead After Rescue Attempts [Video]

A Coney Island dolphin trapped in a creek is feared dead after rescue attempts failed to find the lost creature.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, dolphins have been dying in record numbers, and are even slaughtered to be used as shark bait.

Officials say the dolphin swam into Coney Island Creek during high tide, but became trapped near an overpass where witness spotted by the poor sea animal struggling. The NYPD Harbor Unit responded to the news of the trapped Coney Island dolphin, but were only able to remove a boom and clear some debris in order to give the dolphin a clear path toward the ocean.

A worker named Patricia Sener says, “They tend not to come this far up — polluted waterway like this — if they’re not looking for a place to die.” In fact, it was only several hours later that the dolphin apparently tried to beach itself on the rocks. Fortunately, it wasn’t successful but then disappeared underneath the water.

Lt. Barry Duignan says the trapped Coney Island dolphin is actually fairly unusual:

“I’ve only had this one other time. It was off the ocean beach. If they get in really shallow water, they can get really stressed out. He could be sick for having swam into such a shallow body of water like this.”

Experts say that if the dolphin is debilitated the outlook is grim. But if the tide comes in and the dolphin swims away there should be hope for life.

Although the Coney Island dolphin is feared to be dead, state conservation officers say they will continue the search today during low tide.