Jealous Boyfriend Sets Rival’s Genitals On Fire

A Chicago man who caught his girlfriend cheating on him set the other man’s genitals on fire.

The victim was unconscious at the time, having been knocked out cold by the jealous man who discovered his girlfriend and her lover having sex in her apartment in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood on Monday afternoon.

“This will be a lesson to you, I lit your (genitals) on fire,” the man said, according to the police report quoted by the Chicago Tribune.

The victim, 30, fled to a local laundromat where he was applying Vaseline to ease the pain of his burns when police arrived. He initially received treatment at Holy Cross Hospital and then subsequently was taken to the burn unit at the University of Chicago Hospital, where he is in stable condition

Police have yet to make any arrests in the burned genitals case, although an investigation is ongoing.

The Chicagoist observes that “The man used a Bic lighter (set on ‘high’according to the police report) to do the deed. We have a hard enough time getting a Bic lighter to work in the first place to light a candle or smoke a cigarette, so to light someone’s crotch on fire seems like a pretty daunting and difficult task… We are surprised that no one is currently in custody since the smoking gun, er testicles, are pretty obvious in this scenario. We wish a speedy recovery to the victim and hope in the future all parties involved make better decisions in their love life.”

The Inquisitr previously reported on a disturbing incident in Australia where a then-44-year-old woman was taken into custody after the fire department responded to a blaze at her home. The source of the fire was her husbands genitals, which she allegedly set alight with methylated spirits while he slept.