Hillary Clinton Also Promised ‘If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your Plan’ [Video]

Similar to what was said about Obamacare, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2007 made an equivalent promise about Americans being able to keep their health insurance.

She was then pushing her own health reform plan which was roughly similar to what became Obamacare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act.

President Obama repeatedly declared that “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan” when he was selling healthcare reform via the Affordable Care Act to the American people, but this is not holding true for those who buy their insurance directly on the individual market. Millions of them across the country have received cancellation notices.

Because of the controversy surrounding cancellations (which will increase once the employer mandate kicks in after 2014), today, the president announced an administrative fix that allows Americans to keep their existing insurance plans for one additional year, provided that state insurance regulators go along with it. The Washington state Insurance Commissioner has already announced, however, that no extensions on existing plans eliminated under Obamacare will be allowed there.

Ironically, Senator Ted Cruz and other Republicans were bitterly denounced for trying to delay or defund Obamacare since it was “the law of the land,” but the Obama administration itself has delayed certain of the law’s provisions including the sweeping employer mandate. To many observers, selective enforcement of federal legislation is unconstitutional. Even some Democrats on Capitol Hill believe the administrative fix on the insurance cancellations is insufficient and want Congress to enact a law to grandfather existing heath insurance plans.

In 2007, Hillary Clinton said of her own plan, “You can keep the doctors you know and trust. You can keep the insurance you have if you like it.” She reportedly also said “If you have private insurance you like, nothing changes — you can keep that insurance.”

Earlier this week, Bill Clinton said that Obama should keep his promise to the American people about continuing their health insurance policies, perhaps trying to give his wife some political cover from the Obamacare controversy.

According to the Washington Examiner, “When she was last a candidate for president in 2007, Hillary Clinton unveiled her own health care proposal, which, like Obamacare, included beefed-up benefits and a catchy pitch: ‘If you have a plan you like, you keep it.’ Obama went on to defeat Clinton, but he adopted her tag line to help win support for his own health care plan — making the same promise, for which he recently apologized… Hillary Clinton is an old hand at health care reform. In 1993, when her husband was president, she led a health care reform effort that ultimately crashed and burned… Hillary Clinton has not yet commented publicly on the Obama administration’s health care imbroglio.”

When Big Government, Big Insurance, and Big Pharma get together in a joint venture, it’s difficult to see how the ordinary consumer comes out ahead. Do you think Obamacare, or an equivalent measure, would have turned out differently if Hillary Clinton was elected president in 2008?