November 14, 2013
Passenger Overboard In Hawaii; Did She Jump Ship?

A passenger on a Hawaiian cruise ship was reported overboard on Wednesday, and the U.S. Coast Guard did their level best to search for the woman in the Pacific Ocean northeast of Hawaii.

The passenger who went overboard, a woman, aged 54, was on the Grand Princess luxury cruise liner on day three of a 15-day luxury cruise which sailed from San Francisco to Hawaii.

The crew on the ship notified the relevant emergency services that a passenger had gone overboard roughly 750 miles northeast of Hilo. According to another passenger on the cruise ship the woman jumped off of the ship on purpose.

This fact was also confirmed by CCTV footage from the ship itself. She was last seen at around 1 p.m. said the cruise line spokesperson confirming that the company immediately made contact with the FBI and the Coast Guard.

The ship's captain even changed the vessel's course in order to assist in the search. an HC-130 Hercules airplane crew also made their way to the Air Station Barbers Point in Hawaii to help out.

The Coast Guard had initially said that the passenger who jumped overboard was 30, whereas the cruise company's records showed that she was in fact 54-years-old.

A full inquiry will be underway as well as some questioning to other passengers on the cruise ship as to if and why the woman jumped from the vessel as suspected.