Justin Bieber Posts First ‘Selfie’ On His New Social Network, Shots Of Me

Justin Bieber has posted his very first ‘selfie’ on the iPhone app Shots of Me, the new social network he has invested in.

In the photo, uploaded earlier today and captioned “Studio,” the 19-year-old appears to be wearing the eventful South America leg of his Believe world tour on his face and doesn’t crack a smile.

Bieber’s ‘selfie’ is the teen star’s inaugural photo on the service.

As many tech outlets noted, the undisputed “King of Selfies” has obeyed the old adage of invest in what you love, and backed Shots of Me reportedly to the tune of around $1.1 million.

The app is the product of San Francisco start-up RockLive. On November 12, Shots of Me launched on the iPhone, enabling the teenagers that it’s tailored to, to post endless self-portraits.

You can do a little bit more than that with the app. Using the front camera of their iPhones, users can take and share selfies, find their friends’ selfies, send private messages, and follow friends on Twitter.

Justin Bieber, Shots Of Me

(Photo: Shots of me, captioned “Studio”)

The app has one notable omission — there is no comment capacity. This distinguishes it from other social platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat, and is part of the service’s intention to discourage abuse on the network.

According to RockLive founder, John Shahidi, this feature especially appealed to Bieber’s concerns about cyber-bullying — a problem he knows a little something about.

Bieber was excited about the app from the start. “Honestly, he loved it,” Shahidi explains. “He was a bit annoyed by other platforms. The commenting thing was something he really cared about. Not just for himself, but for the kids.

“He said ‘I want a platform where my fans don’t have to deal with this’.”

TechCrunch is optimistic about the network’s long-term future. “With any luck, Shots of Me will get Bieber to share selfies exclusively on its app to attract some of his 47 million Twitter followers and 57 million Facebook fans,” the website notes.

They add, “It could blow past Frontback if just one per cent of those people checked out Shots of Me.”

Justin Bieber

[Images via Bieber, Shots of Me]