Kim Kardashian Pulled Over For Speeding After Racing Away From Paparazzi

Kim Kardashian may had a good excuse, but police on the Los Angeles freeway were in no mood to let the reality star off easily when she was caught speeding on Tuesday.

Kim was pulled over on the freeway after speeding to get away from multiple photographers. Reports said as many as five cars of photographers were pursuing Kim when she pushed the speed limit and got caught by police.

A source told Us Weekly that Kim ended up with a speeding ticket, and the paparazzi got the shot they were looking for. When her car pulled over, Kim was surrounded by photographers snapping pictures of the moment, and there was even an overhead helicopter to take shots from the air.

The members of the California Highway Patrol weren’t too happy with the spectacle. They were reportedly fumed at the traffic delay Kim’s stop caused, and ended up issuing a speeding ticket to one of the photographers as well.

The entire family seems to struggle with paparazzi. Kim’s husband-to-be Kanye West has had his share of dust-ups with photographers, and even got into a scuffle with one at the airport last summer. Kanye claimed he was acting in self-defense, and a source told i that the event was overblown.

“He didn’t hurt the pap,” the source said. “They were just heckling him as usual. Kanye went to grab the camera and the guy fell being so dramatic.”

In October, a judge ruled that Kanye had to stay away from the photographer, but denied the prosecutor’s request that Kanye take anger management classes.

Bruce Jenner, stepfather to Kim Kardashian, has also bemoaned the constant media scrutiny the family is under.

“Sometimes it’s very difficult,” he said. “Sometimes they’ll take some really, really tough shots at the family when they’re not deserved and totally false, especially with my kids. I don’t care what they say about me, but when they start ragging on my kids for things that they’re not doing and totally misrepresenting them, that really, really bothers me to say the least.”

Sources say there could be more to the Kim Kardashian speeding case. Police are reportedly looking into whether the paparazzi chasing her could be up for further charges.