Kate Hudson Doesn't Have The Money For Expensive Designer Dresses

Kate Hudson doesn't have the money to spend on those expensive designer dresses you see celebrities wear on the red carpet all the time.

Although the actress has appeared in several major Hollywood motion pictures, she simply doesn't have the extra cash to splurge on pricey fashion. Instead of purchasing the items before a red carpet event, Hudson told Harper's Bazaar that she just borrows them.

"People think we own all these dresses, but we borrow them! I can't afford to buy that stuff. There are certain things I splurge on, but it's very rare, especially when you have two kids and school tuition," Kate Hudson recently told the publication.

The actress added, "I'm not a big high-end fashion shopper. I wish I could, but the truth is things are just so expensive. Before Isabel Marant was a million dollars and famous, I used to go to her store in Paris and go crazy. It was so affordable."

Even if Hudson had the money to toss around on fancy designer dresses, the Bride Wars star probably wouldn't stuff her closet full of expensive items. The actress credits this to the upbringing she received from Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Since her mom wasn't a big shopper, she doesn't feel the need to splurge on pointless things as an adult.

However, just because the actress doesn't splurge on fashion doesn't mean she isn't willing to sell things to other people. During her interview with Harper's Bazaar, Kate Hudson said she wants to start her very own brand at some point in the very near future.

"I really think that if I'm going to put my effort into something, I want to reach a larger amount of women, where they can afford the things I'm selling. Especially with the economy, it doesn't make sense to me anymore," Hudson said.

In the meantime, the actress is focusing her energy on fiance Matthew Bellamy and her two children. Although Kate Hudson and the Muse frontman are very happy with their relationship, her nine-year-old son Ryder is very anxious for his mom to tie the knot.

"Ryder [is pressuring me] a little bit. I think he looks forward more to the party than actually the idea of us getting married. Because he has it really planned out what he's wearing...Apparently he wants to wear a neon-green tux. I'm all for it. He's a bit of a fashion boy," she explained to Ellen DeGeneres during a recent interview.

Are you surprised that Kate Hudson doesn't have the money for fancy designer dresses?

[Image via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]