September 7, 2017
Justin Bieber Takes On Gravity And The Gnashing In 'Believe' Movie Trailer Clip

Justin Bieber already promised fans that his movie-documentary, Believe, will make them fly. And in a teaser arriving today ahead of Friday's first full trailer, he shows them how.

The under 30-second clip premiered in Times Square during Good Morning America earlier.

Against a mix of Believe tour footage, fans gazing adoringly at a stage, and paparazzi flashbulbs, the 19-year-old is seen walking backstage as Bieber's voiceovers one of the film's mission statements:

"When you've reached a certain point in life, there are people out there waiting to see you fall. But rather than let gravity take you down, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands... and fly."
Cue, the illusory projection shot of Justin silhouetted in black against a white background, before flying.

The segment is part of the Believe tour's opening sequence before the teen singer actually does descend to the stage via enormous mechanical wings.

Helmed by returning director Jon M. Chu, Believe opens nationwide across the US on Christmas Day, with presale tickets for the US going on sale this Friday --- with an added song incentive.

Whether Believe will match or better the box office of 2011's Never Say Never, to date the highest grossing movie of its type, remains to be seen. But, this time round Bieber --- and Believe --- have a wider goal than simply making money.

By the time the movie debuts, the teen singer's so far successful "Music Mondays" series and less affirmative (albeit $155 million grossing) Believe world tour will have just ended.

While the Canadian is exploring personal relationships in his 10-song releases, he and his manager Scooter Braun have said the movie will address the controversies, misconceptions, and accusations they believe reflect a "witch hunt" media narrative.

Bieber has just wrapped his incendiary South America leg in Chile, after notably making headlines in Brazil and Argentina. Among the often bizarre items, the singer was snapped coming out of a certain kind of establishment in Rio. He was also charged with vandalism by the city's police for graffiti tagged along a disused hotel wall.

Further headlines erupted when footage of the singer sleeping in a Brazilian villa surfaced online.

Allegedly filmed without the singer's consent by a Brazilian model who claims she was invited to his room, the "Heartbreaker" superstar cut short his second South America concert while performing in Buenos Aires on Sunday after contracting food poisoning.

Not that you'd guess any of that from Justin's tweets earlier today. After messages alerting fans to watch out for the Believe promotion to come, he enthused:

Later adding,He returned to Twitter shortly after the Believe teaser aired and encouraged fans to engage in the search for 12 pieces of the first Believe movie poster hidden at three websites.

In the end, it took eager Beliebers less than 30 minutes to piece together the dramatic black silhouette on purple back shot of the pop prince, incidentally two of Bieber's favorite colors.

See reactions to the Believe movie poster below.

Justin Bieber Ready To Take On Haters In Believe Movie Trailer Clip