Taking Stock Of Idle, Undefeated Kansas City Chiefs Ahead Of Denver Roadtrip

With the still-undefeated Kansas City Chiefs taking the week off before visiting the division title threat Denver Broncos, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the season to date and what lies ahead.

Sitting at 9-0, atop the AFC West and the entire National Football League, all the pressure is on Kansas City to keep it rolling in order to secure a Week 1 playoff bye. With five teams tied at 4-5 knocking on the wildcard door, the Chiefs are all but assured to make the postseason. But as they get ready for their biggest threat to the division title, Peyton Manning and the high-scoring Denver Broncos, they certainly have some things to address.

Of primary concern for Kansas City is, while they have yet to lose a game, they have yet to face any real challenge. Of the Chiefs’ nine different opponents, not one of them has a winning record. With 3 one-score wins, including a razor-thin 17-16 victory over the Houston Texans, teams are preparing for the Kansas City Chiefs. They’ve squeaked out wins against teams that they really shouldn’t have to begin with.

Coming into the divisional-heavy second half of the season, the Denver Broncos have to be the immediate concern for the Kansas City Chiefs; the two teams play each other twice in the next three weeks. Peyton Manning will be all business, focusing on nothing but the win, but everyone wants to be on the team that hands the undefeated squad its first setback. It’s a bigger spotlight and its brightness will shine either on the Kansas City Chiefs’ brilliance or their erstwhile unseen flaws.

“We love it,” Kansas City quarterback Alex Smith said via Sports Illustrated. “You want the stages to get bigger. That’s why you put all the work in. You want this opportunity. You want that honor.

With the Broncos, the Chiefs 4th-ranked pass defense faces off against the No. 1 air attack in the game. Kansas City only averages 18.4 points from scrimmage per game and has scored less than half as many touch downs as the Broncos.

Anything less than perfection against the Denver Broncos will be the end of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Cinderella season. Two losses will put them in danger of ceding AFC West.