Justin Bieber And Lil Twist's Friendship Is Deader Than A Dead Thing After Braun Beat Down

Justin Bieber has called reportedly time on his relationship with his former close friend, Lil Twist, also known as Christopher Lynn Moore.

The decisive move follows Lil Twist's Twitter attack on Bieber's longtime manager, Scooter Braun, described as "the final straw" by Gossip Cop.

Bieber has now unfollowed the rapper on Twitter, underscoring recent reports that the 19-year-old has backed out of plans to launch a clothing line with the Young Money star called "Wild Kidz" and won't be fighting for the copyright.

On Thursday (Nov. 7), Lil Twist laid into Braun in a series of expletive-filled tweets accusing him of leaking "fake stories" and "false information" to the gossip press to paint him as the bad influence on Justin and "help their side stay squeaky clean."

Whether that's true or not, and who knows, the Bieber-Braun camp has cut ties with Lil Twist.

Gossip Cop reports Justin is "furious" with the Dallas native and the two haven't spoken for weeks, adding that a source close to the teen star told them, "Justin and Scooter are family but Twist took it too far this time."

Reportedly, the "Heartbreaker" singer has even told his friends the rapper is "dead to me."

The insider added, "Justin's saddened it ended like this, but you don't cross the line with family."

As previously reported, Lil Twist has been a friend of Bieber's for years along with Lil Za. The trio partied, rode horses, hung out on tour, and got shirtless together, and were routinely seen driving the singer's cars — often badly.

But despite the traffic violations, car accidents, and legal tangles, Justin kept on holding his hand out to his friends.

Then, came the reports. Following long-standing rumors that Braun was unhappy about Lil Twist's and Lil Za's presence in Justin's life came claims in September that they had been ordered out of the singer's Calabasas, Calif., home after jewelry went missing.

The pair weren't accused of stealing, but as they were reportedly house sitting Justin's pad at the time the responsibility for the theft was seen as theirs, TMZ reported.

Justin Bieber Cuts Off Lil Twist After His Twitter Attack On Scooter Braun

(Photo: Instagram, Bieber reportedly backs Braun over Lil Twist feud)

Gossip Cop previously reported the "Baby" star had been "having issues" with the rapper, while Radar Online reported Braun read Bieber the riot act after Lil Twist was accused of battery while hosting party at the singer's house.

In July, the Bad Decisions rapper was arrested for driving under the influence while driving Justin's Fisker Karma.

Last month, Lil Za posted an Instagram of himself, Twist, and Justin lying in bed together as pals, which left some wondering if estrangement reports were off the mark.

Neither Bieber and Braun responded to Lil Twist's tirade on Twitter but an 'unfollow' would seem to speak for itself.

Lil Twist has not commented on today's story preferring instead to promote his music online.

Justin Bieber 'Bed' Instagram With Lil Twist And Lil Za

(Photo: Instagram, Lil Za, Bieber, and Lil Twist in happier times)