Missing Toddler Found Alive 30 Years After Abduction [Video]

A missing toddler was found alive more than 30 years after his abduction. Kathy Amaya said her 2-year-old son vanished during a scheduled visitation with his father. Thirty-five years later, the Border Patrol in San Diego contacted Kathy about her missing son.

David Amaya is now 37-years-old. He was raised by his grandparents in Mexico and had no idea he was abducted. Although David knew he was American, he was told that his mother left him “abandoned and orphaned.” He said his father dropped him off with his grandparents and rarely came back to visit.

At the end of October, David attempted to return to the United States. He was stopped at the border, as authorities questioned his citizenship. He was detained for two days while the border patrol agents verified his identity.

As reported by NBC San Diego, the authorities eventually obtained a copy of David Amaya’s birth certificate, which listed his mother’s name. They contacted her immediately.

Kathy was stunned. She said she never gave up hope, but she did not expect to see her missing toddler again. At the time of the abduction, authorities refused to look into the case, as he was taken by this father. She was told that there was nothing she could do but wait.


More than three decades later, David is back in the United States. Kathy spoke with her son on the telephone, but they have not reunited in person. According to the Huffington Post, David is currently trying to raise funds to travel to Milwaukee, where his mother resides. He is also trying to learn English so they can communicate without a translator.

David Amaya is currently receiving shelter and food from the Iglesia de Cristo Ministerios Llamada Final Inc. The ministry is also helping him raise the money to reunite with his mother. The San Diego border patrol is also accepting donations for the cause.

Kathy said she never stopped looking for her missing toddler, and she is thrilled that she will finally get to see him again.

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