Snowstorm And Plummeting Temperatures Expected, Will It Affect You?

Ken Batty from the National Weather Service reported on Monday that cold fronts and a snowstorm are on their way to the Tri -State area.

The winter weather advice, which was issued for parts of West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky, said that as much as two inches of snow could fall, although low lying lands may not see the snowstorm at all.

The weather people, said Batty, are more concerned at this time with the unseasonably cold temperatures which are expected today and tomorrow:

This is the time of the year when the cold air builds up to our north, and every once and a while an intrusion will cause that air to come south. That simply is the nature of this time of the year. It’s just the steering currents bringing the cold air here. That’s just the way the atmosphere works mixing the cold and the warm air. We’re highlighting the change to colder weather more than the snow. The cold is going to be below normal for this time of year. I don’t think we’re talking records, but the temperatures are going to be falling pretty quickly.

The lowest recorded temperature for Huntington was set over 100 years ago when in 1911 the thermometers fell to a mere 17 degrees in mid November.

The lowest temperatures are expected to be in the low 20’s while the highest temperatures will be in the mid-30’s, the weather service said. The city is prepared though, with over 500,000 tons of salt at the ready and 100 tons of calcium to assist people with driving traction.

It remains to be seen if the snowstorm and low temperatures will affect traffic in the way it is expected to do by authorities. Joe Day, a street supervisor in Huntington said:

“My guys are always on call for any situation. We will do everything we need to make sure everyone gets to school, work and home safely.”