Meredith Baxter Plans To Wed Partner Nancy Locke

Meridith Baxter is reportedly planning to wed longtime partner Nancy Locke. The 66-year-old actress and author applied and received a marriage license from a Beverly Hills courthouse last week. Although the couple has not publicly discussed wedding plans, sources say the date is set.

The former Family Ties star announced she was a lesbian in 2009. She also revealed that she and Locke had been in a committed relationship since 2005. Baxter said she had her first same-sex relationship in 2002, following her third divorce.

As reported by Ace Showbiz, Baxter married Robert Lewis in 1966. The couple had two children and remained married for five years. Following their divorce, the actress married David Birney in 1974. Their marriage lasted fifteen years, and the couple had three children. In 1995, Baxter married screenwriter Michael Blodgett. Five years later, the couple split.

Meredith Baxter said she was raised to be “a very conventional girl” and she got married because it was expected of her. She said her marriage to Birney was physically and emotionally abusive, which drove her to drink.

According to ABC News, Baxter eventually had a breakdown. In the following years after her divorce, she was never really comfortable in relationships with men. She said her relationship with Locke is the “healthiest relationship” she ever had.

Locke & Baxter At A Wedding

The women have now been together for eight years. TMZ reports that they obtained their marriage license, planned a wedding, and mailed the invitations. Although the women have not made a public announcement, it seems that they are ready to tie the knot.

Baxter is well-known for her role as Elyse Keaton on Family Ties from 1982 through 1989. She went on to star in numerous TV movies, which often appear on the Lifetime channel. The beloved actress is currently filming a movie called Undateable John.

In addition to her acting career, Meredith Baxter also wrote a memoir titled Untied: A Memoir of Family, Fame, and Foundering.

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