Bristol Palin Paid $300K For Being A Teen Mom [Sad Society]

Bristol Palin got knocked up out of wedlock at the age of 17 and then proceeded to cash in our her mistake to the tune of $262,000 as a Teen Pregnancy Awareness spokesperson by riding the coattails of her mothers fame.

After delivering her baby, Palin at the age of 18 was given the job of teen ambassador for New York-based The Candie’s Foundation.

Throw in the nearly $200,000 Palin earned for her part on Season 11 of Dancing With The Stars and the money she is making from her HarperCollins “memoir” publishing deal and being an unwed mommy with a semi-famous mom isn’t a bad gig.

Seriously does this girl need a memoir? I wish I could make a cool Million for laying on my back.