Miami Dolphins Owner To Meet With Jonathan Martin On Wednesday

Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross will meet with Jonathan Martin, the player who was allegedly bullied by teammate Richie Incognito.

The scandal has been front and center for the past two weeks, creating a firestorm of controversy and marking the first time someone accuses another player of bullying in the National Football League.

Now Ross is taking matters into his own hands in an effort to find out what actually happened to make Martin leave the team and seek help for emotional problems stemming from the abuse he allegedly went through at the hands of Incognito and others.

The Miami Dolphins owner has said he is embarrassed about the negative image his team has brought on the National Football League (NFL).

“We couldn’t be going through a worse nightmare.” Ross said.

The team owner plans to meet with bullied player Jonathan Martin on Wednesday, possibly in California, where he is staying with his parents while dealing with emotional problems brought on by the situation with the Miami Dolphins.

Martin claims the Dolphins created an environment in which he was bullied by Incognito and others for the last two seasons.

Richie Incognito alleges that the two were good friends and still communicate, after the scandal broke.

“We want to get this resolved. We want to put this behind us. We want to do what’s right.” Ross said.

Stephen Ross requested the NFL conduct an independent investigation of his organization, the results of which will be made public once it is finished.

Ross said he would usually react to the situation, but has decided to take his time and examine all the information as it related to the bullying accusations.

“We’re waiting for all the facts to arrive,” Ross said. “Changes need to be made. We need to look at ourselves internally (…)I know I’m capable of overreacting.”

Richie Incognito spoke publicly for the first time with Jay Glazer of Fox Sports Sunday in a piece that aired prior to the Packer-Eagles game on Sunday.

In the interview, Incognito denies he’s a racist after messages with offensive expletives were released and were allegedly left by the 30-year-old Dolphins guard.

As accusations that abusive “locker room culture” were the cause of the rift, Ross is attempting to get to the bottom of the accusations and the rift formed by alleged bullying.

In response, Miami Dolphins formed an advisory committee that will create a code of locker room conduct.

The team recruited some of the biggest names in team history as art of their efforts in improving the team, including the likes of former head coaches Don Shula and Tony Dungy.

Also part of the committee will be former quarterback Dan Marino and linebacker Jason Taylor, two of the team’s elite players, as well as Hall of Fame tailback Curtis Martin.

The objective of the probe is to have team executives, including head coach Joe Philbin, review the team’s policies.

“I know that I want our workplace to be the best in the NFL,” said Ross.

Stephen Ross said after speaking to Martin he will meet with Richie Incognito and even though he did not say what will become of the left guard, he made it clear that racial slurs are unacceptable in the locker room.

Incognito admitted, in his interview with Fox Sports, to using the N-word in his communications with Martin.

“I apologize to the fans for being in this position,” said the owner of the Miami Dolphins. “But I know we’ll be better coming out of this.”